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MTZC Calcutta Mercy

India is home to the largest illiterate population in the world. At least 35 million children are uneducated due to failing schools, high drop out rates, and parents’ inability to afford uniforms and textbooks. I’m going to change that!

Imagine struggling to simply exist. You struggle to fill your stomach, struggle to clothe your family, and struggle to afford even a shack of a house. When you are sick, you do not have medicine. When you have children, they cannot go to school. And when you need money, you cannot find work.

This is real life for the poor of India. Of its 1.2 billion residents, 69% live on less than $2 a day. Millions suffer from hunger, illiteracy, and illness. It doesn’t have to stay that way. There are simple solutions like free food, free education, and free medical treatment for the struggling poor.

I started this fundraising campaign to help Calcutta Mercy fund their food, education, and medical projects, and I am looking for people to help me. Please donate to my campaign. Every dollar counts!